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Richard Roddy, Founder

USA (Alaska and Hawaii), Canada

A trainer, facilitator, consultant, international businessman, and co-founder of Recovery Foundation/Creating Harmony Workshops. Richard has worked with Native/Tribal/Alaskan/Hawaiian and First Nations Communities, Schools and Agencies since 1989. His lighthearted and enthusiastic approach to training along with a deep dedication to working with Native Peoples...especially youth, has earned him respect and high regard from the people he has worked with over the years. Call Richard at 520-241-8497

​​​​​Carol Cogdale, Central Canada
A seasoned trainer and presenter, Carol has travelled throughout Canada and the High Arctic regions providing workshops and trainings for First Nations/Indigenous Communities and people. 
She is committed, sincere and sensitive to the needs and issues facing First Nations/Indigenous people in Canada. With over 25 years experience, Carol can provide the expertise, skills and awareness to bring about positive change in your school, agency or  community.

Creating Harmony/Recovery Foundation Workshops

USA and Canada 



Creating Harmony Workshops is a division of Recovery Foundation

“I developed new strategies of coaching others and ways to deliver and accept positive feedback"