This is a good positive program for students and faculty”
“I have noticed a change in my personal demeanor in the classroom and it feels great.!"


Creating Harmony in Our Schools

  Developing a more positive, productive and accountable work environment with students and staff. 
(1 or 2 day Training for School Staff and Administration)


  • This training focuses on:

  • New Ways to Deal with Students 

  • Student Disrespectful Behaviors and Acting Out

  • Reduce and eliminate Violent Behaviors, Attitudes and Bullying by students and staff

  • Find ways to "Respond" rather than to "React" 

  • Stay Positive, Productive and Effective...No Matter What is going on!

  • Teach kids Accountability and Responsibility for their own behaviors

  • Eliminating Excuses and Limiting Beliefs

  • Diminish or Eliminate Gossip, Bickering and Turmoil

  • Stop the Drama and "Victim/Blame Game" with staff and students

  • Work Together for the benefit of the students

  • Rebuild trust and respect in the classroom

  • Reduce Staff and Student Burnout

  • Develop more Team Work and Cooperation

  • Purpose and Character in our Lives

  • Why we do what we do


This important training can change the entire atmosphere of your school by creating a positive, respectful and productive learning environment that will literally transform your staff, students…and school.