​​​​Creating Harmony in the Workplace

(1 or 2 Day Training for Groups, Agencies and Organizations)   

  • Help your staff get "Back on Track"    

  • Become more Positive, Productive and Effective

  • Stop the Gossip, Bickering, and Workplace Turmoil     

  • Find ways to "Respond" rather than to "React"    

  • Eliminate Workplace Drama and the "Victim/Blame Game"    

  • Create a Kinder, more Caring and Respectful workplace    

  • Develop Positive Attitudes and Cooperation

  • Increase Personal Accountability 

  • Decrease Stress and Staff Burnout    

  • Rebuild Trust and Teamwork


  • Eliminate Excuses and Limiting Beliefs

  • Importance of Character in our Lives

  • Become more Positive, Productive and Effective in all you do


​​Creating Harmony Workshops are the most exciting, accessible and promising concepts in staff development trainings available today.

Thousands of people in hundreds of agencies, organizations and communities in the USA and Canada have experienced this unique and positive approach to creating a workplace atmosphere and environment that is Positive, Productive and Effective.

This training can literally transform people and organizations...organizations just like yours!

“Awesome… great tools to 
​help our office"

“ T his was a great workshop! "

" You brought humor to a serious problem.”