Helping At Risk Youth Take Charge of their Lives

This inspiring and practical training is one of the most exciting, accessible and easily adaptable concepts available to help ALL youth Take Charge of their Lives. 

 ​​Helping At Risk Youth 

Take Charge of their Lives

This 2 or 3 day workshop is designed for counselors, mentors, front line and youth workers, parents, Elders, teachers, ICWA, family services...anyone who works with youth. Participants develop the skills and knowledge to teach the Take Charge Program to youth.

This training focuses on:


  • ​At Risk Behaviors (Causes and Symptoms)

  • Bullying, Violence, Disrespect

  • ​Alcohol/Drugs, Self Destructive Behaviors

  • School Dropouts, Boosting Academic Achievements

  • Building Self Worth, Self Esteem

  • Negative Attitudes

  • ​Uncontrolled Outbursts

  • ​Lack of Responsibility/Accountability

  • Increasing Graduation Rates

  • Rebuilding Trust and Respect with Youth​​ 

  • Issues behind the Issues

  • Generational Issues Handed Down

  • Perfect Spirit Concept​

  • 12 Teachings for Native Youth

  • Help Youth Take Charge of Their Own Life