The Business​ of Kindness in the Workplace

       Building a Workplace Environment Where People      Thrive...Not Just Survive

This 1 or 2 day workshop will focus on:

  • Creating Positives Attitudes​

  • Stress Reduction/Management

  • Accepting Greater Accountability/Responsibility

  • Stop the Victim/Blame Mentality

  • ​Eliminating Excuses and Negative beliefs

  • Gossip, Rumors and Conflict

  • Cooperation and Teamwork

  • Increased Respect, Appreciation and Kindness

  • Drama in the Workplace

  • Toxic Workplace Environment

  • Kindness to Self

  • Kindness to Co-Workers

  • Kindness to the Community

  • The Importance of Purpose and Character

" I leaned to stop blaming others and to take a look at myself.”

​"I need to be more grateful and stop
all the excuses.”

The Business of


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This workshop will help your staff develop inspiration and positive reflection to build a happier, kinder and more positive workplace environment with less stress, conflict and drama.