Take Charge Program for Youth

Take Charge Program

  Youth will learn new ways to...

*Effectively deal with Bullying, Abuse and Violence

*Become More Respectful in the classroom

*Deal effectively with Peer Pressure

*Make Healthy Decisions and Choices 

*Avoid Alcohol/Drugs and other Destructive/At-Risk Behaviors

*Control Acting Out, Angry and Negative Attitudes

*Accept Personal Responsibility and Accountability

*Build stronger Academic Achievement

*Stay in School and graduate

*Take Charge of their own lives and future

*Includes the 12 Teachings for Native Youth...The Purpose of Life

 When the Take Charge Program is used in schools, students take personal responsibility for their own learning. The program also promotes acquisition of seven specific academic skills, including test taking, asking questions in class, welcoming instructor’s feedback, solving problems, and leaving “home” and “social” issues out of the classroom.

The TakeCharge Program strengthens and unifies your existing programs. It is an efficient, innovative and cost-saving approach to dealing with the important issues facing today's youth.

For youth ages 12-21

Taking Charge of Your Lives and Your Health